Mood Disorders - Buffalo Psychiatry, Irina Schwartz
Mood Disorders - Buffalo Psychiatry, Irina Schwartz 

When depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorders become uncontrollable, they can interfere with our ability to live our life as we would like. These intense moods can become so strong that they can make coping with them seem impossible—a downward spiral can occur that may seem to continue without end. Our goal at Buffalo Psychiatry is to help you overcome your mood disorder allowing you to live a happier, more productive life.

ADHD - Buffalo Psychiatry, Irina Schwartz
ADD and ADHD - Buffalo Psychiatry

ADD and ADHD symptoms can surface at various stages of ones life. Many adults go through life struggling with ADD without it being recognized or adequately treated, leading to poor self esteem, difficulties in work and problems in relationships. After appropriate evaluation our Board Certified Psychiatrist will offer you personalized treatment approach that can include coaching, life skills, psychotherapy, and medication.

Addiction - Buffalo Psychiatry, Irina Schwartz
Addictions - Buffalo Psychiatry

Addiction to any substance – prescription pills, street drugs, or alcohol – controls your mind, takes over your body, and destroys your spirit. Addiction is a medical disorder that requires treatment, just like any disease. We offer Addiction Counseling and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment that helps to stabilize and motivate patients to take the necessary steps to get their lives back.